Grondinjectie Nederland: for a moisture-free building site and a solid foundation

Why choose Grondinjectie Nederland?

What we can offer you:

Water glass injection unit

Our high-tech water glass injection unit, specially designed for large scale construction projects.


Our years of experience in ground stability and moisture prevention.


Our skilled and enthusiastic team of soil injection experts.

What we do

Grondinjectie Nederland provides ground stability throughout the Netherlands through soil injections and ground injections with the aim of reinforcing the subsurface on the one hand and ensuring the construction pit is moisture-proof by means of (ground) water barriers on the other.

Grondinjectie Nederland has years of experience in the stabilization of (construction) sites and (ground)water barriers and has advanced equipment, like the high-tech water glass injection unit, enabling safe and efficient injection. We work exclusively with experienced experts who only apply the soil injections if quality can be guaranteed. Before using the injection technique, an inspection is always carried out.

Grondinjectie Nederland works exclusively with environmentally friendly resources.


If you have a question about soil injection, ground stability or would like to present your construction project to us, then feel free to contact us.

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