Ground injection for a dry, stable building ground

Ground injection and stabilization

Ground injection (also known as soil injection or permeation grouting) is used to stabilize the building site, for the construction of parking garages, basements and tunnels for example. To be able to build stably, dry and safely, the soil must be provided with a water-inhibiting layer. After application, groundwater can no longer rise, so water cannot enter the construction pit.

By injecting a mixture of water, water glass and a hardener into the soil, a gel layer is created through which no groundwater can penetrate. If the water glass mix is mixed in a different ratio, a liquid that hardens the soil is formed. In this way Grondinjectie Nederland offers each project a way to create a safe, dry building environment. More information about water glass injection.

Ground injections can be performed both horizontally and vertically. Grondinjectie Nederland is specialized in carrying out both horizontal and stabilizing soil injections.

The advantages of ground injections

The use of water glass bottom injections has many advantages over other ways of making building sites water-resistant and stable, for example, pouring underwater concrete:

Short hardening time

Thanks to the short hardening time, the construction process can start or continue faster.

No vibrations or noise

Our advanced equipment prevents nuisance for local residents.

Soil injections are relatively cheaper

Thanks to our equipment and years of expertise, we work efficiently.

Advanced equipment

Grondinjectie Nederland is one of the few injection companies to work with a water glass unit. This enables the injection process to run smoothly for a quick resumption of construction.

In addition, the associated software offers a module to continuously calculate the dosage and quality of the water glass mix. The pressure and flow of each individual injection point are also constantly monitored and recorded during the injection. Grondinjectie Nederland guarantees optimum quality and safety.


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