Repair construction pit leakage for a moisture-free construction pit

Ground injection offers you a moisture-free construction site

During construction, a leak may occur in the construction pit, temporarily preventing you from working. To ensure that construction work is not interrupted for too long and the financial consequences are limited as much as possible, the construction site leakage must be remedied as quickly as possible by a specialist.

Grondinjectie Grondinjectie Nederland is specialized in remedying construction pit leaks such as sheet pile leakage, tension anchor leakage, deep wall leakage, underwater concrete leakage and wells. Our specialists have years of experience and have the right, modern equipment to deal with the moisture in the construction pit quickly and structurally.

Grondinjectie Grondinjectie Nederland successfully remedies various types of moisture problems by means of injection, including building pit leaks.

Types of construction pit leakage

Sheet pile leakage
A sheet pile leakage can occur at the moment the sheet pile walls are brought into the ground by pile driving, vibrating or pressing. The sheet pile may then split due to an obstacle in the subsurface. The sheet pile joints can become misaligned, so that they do not connect properly and begin to leak. In addition, when sheet piles are placed against an existing wall, the connection is not watertight. This results in leaks, causing water and sand to wash away and cause subsidence. A sheet pile may also leak after placement of a tension anchor.

Grondinjectie Nederland remedies sheet pile leakage by injecting a gel after part of the walls has been excavated. After the injected liquid has hardened, a water-repellent layer is created, through which no moisture can pass, thus remedying the leakage. Your construction pit is again moisture-free and you can resume your work.

Tension anchor leakage
The purpose of tension anchors is to hold the walls in the construction pit together as much as possible, so that distortion of the construction pit cannot occur. However, leakages occur regularly precisely with these tension anchors. The groundwater then seeps through the walls via the anchors.

In the event of a tension anchor leakage, Grondinjectie Nederland will first remove the water in the construction pit and then make the tension anchor watertight again by means of an injection method.

Underwater concrete leakage
Underwater concrete is often used in construction pits to keep the groundwater out of the excavation. Leaks in the underwater concrete are a regular occurrence, as a result of which water flows into the construction pit. This can occur, for example, at joints of the sheet pile wall, along concrete piles or because cracks or wells have formed in the underwater concrete.

Grondinjectie Nederland resolves your underwater concrete leakage quickly and permanently.

Depending on the cause of the leakage in the underwater concrete, we offer a variety of sealing methods.

Leakage due to wells
Wells may form during the installation or removal of sheet piling, soil drilling, the installation or removal of filters for drainage and the excavation of the natural ballast layer on a sealing clay layer, causing the clay layer to burst.

In order to be able to close the leak, Grondinjectie Nederland uses injection techniques where, after locating the well, holes are drilled under the sealing layer so an injection lance can be introduced. When the hoses are at the desired depth, the specialist starts injecting an injection fluid. After a short period, this liquid will follow the leakage flow of the well and then react. The result is that the leakage is blocked slowly, until it is completely sealed. The leakage has now been remedied and you can continue with your construction work again without any leaks.

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